Why Choose KINGUP Flooring

SPC vinyl flooring is a new environmental protection material which is very popular in European and American market. Therefore, there are more and more SPC flooring manufacturers appeared. And why choose KINGUP among so many flooring brands in the market? Let me tell you!


KINGUP is a flooring manufacturer integrating SPC flooring and PVC flooring R&D, design, production, sales, installation and technical services. With first-class production equipment in Germany, experienced professional R&D team and technical service team. At the same time, our factory will irregularly invite professionals from home and abroad to provide technical guidance and training for the technical workers of factory.

Why Choose KINGUP Flooring

Quality Assurance

In order to save cost, some flooring manufacturers choose to use cheap raw materials or even recycled materials, and the performance of the products is greatly reduced. However, Kingup manufacturer guarantees that: the SPC flooring we produce is made of 100% materials without any impurities. The raw materials such as polyethylene resin and calcium powder we used are all domestic famous brands, so the product performance is stable and the surface texture is clear and realistic. At the same time, our factory is equipped with a variety of testing equipment, and each production link has testing process. The production equipment will adjust various parameters or replace parts in time, so as to achieve the optimal guarantee of production quality. Our products conform to iso90000:2000 quality management system and iso141001 environmental management system, and have obtained CE certification.

Why Choose KINGUP Flooring

Service Guarantee

KINGUP company has a perfect service system, integrating product design and development, manufacturing, transportation, technical guidance, and after-sales service.

If the products are damaged during the transportation, you can request replacement or compensation. And if you have any installation or products problems, you can contact us at any time.

Excellent Product Performance

Zero formaldehyde

What we are most afraid of when decorating is that the formaldehyde of the decoration materials exceeds the standard. Due to the strong toxicity of formaldehyde, the release cycle is as long as 8-15 years. It can’t be emitted through ventilation. It is especially harmful to people with low immunity, such as the elderly, children, and pregnant women. The SPC flooring produced by KINGUP uses environmentally friendly formula, calcium powder as the main raw material. It does not require glue during the production process and is completely completed by heat. Therefore, it does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene and will not cause harm to the human body. And KINGUP flooring have passed formaldehyde testing, which is a truly environmentally friendly floor with zero formaldehyde.

Waterproof and anti-skidding

The SPC flooring surface of KINGUP has a transparent wear-resistant layer and through UV coating twice, so it has excellent waterproof and antiskid performance, and you don’t need to worry about the deformation and blistering of the floor or mildew due to the high humidity, and its unique technology and antiskid design will make the floor more anti- slip when wet, and the friction will become larger, and no more worrying about falling and spraining.

Wear resistance

Wear resistance is also a point that many customers value when choosing the floor. The wear resistance of the flooring produced by KINGUP can reach about 20000 revolutions, it can prove that the flooring has super wear resistance performance.

Fire prevention

The material of SPC flooring produced by KINGUP has natural fire resistance, and the fire rating can reach B1. Therefore, many public spaces choose SPC flooring for this reason, because the laminate flooring and carpet are not fireproof.

For the professional manufacturing R & D team, reliable quality assurance, perfect service system and excellent product performance, so KINGUP can be your reliable first choice brand!

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