SPC Vinyl Flooring VS WPC Flooring

LVT, WPC and SPC flooring can be said the three most popular flooring products today, but they all have different features. Today, let’s take a look at the differences between the SPC vinyl flooring and the WPC flooring.


WPC flooring represents wood and plastic composite. Its core layer is usually composed of PVC, calcium carbonate, plasticizer, foaming agent and wood like or wood like materials (such as wood powder). WPC manufacturer named for the wood they make up before, but now increasingly wood plasticizers are used to replace all kinds of wood.

SPC Vinyl Flooring VS WPC Flooring

The core layer of SPC is composed of calcium powder, PVC, stabilizer, etc., so it has higher density than WPC, although it is thinner in general. This makes it more durable than WPC. Its high density provides better resistance to scratches or dents placed on the top of heavy objects or furniture, and makes it difficult to expand under extreme temperature changes.


SPC vinyl flooring is an ideal product for consumers looking for high price-performance ratio .SPC flooring is the first choice for those who want a hard, dent resistant hard surface, especially if they don’t want to remove their existing ceramics or tiles.

SPC Vinyl Flooring VS WPC Flooring

WPC flooring usually contains WPC foaming agent, which can provide more cushioning when walking , so WPC flooring is more comfortable and less dense than SPC vinyl flooring. Therefore, WPC flooring is suitable for the elderly or the environment where employees and customers often stand up.

3.Sound absorption and noise reduction

Compared with traditional WPC flooring, SPC has many advantages – no need to adapt to the environment, better sound absorption effect, SPC products provide very realistic visual effects and active designs for families. ”


SPC and WPC flooring are similar in price, but SPC flooring is usually cheaper.

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