SPC Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen

The kitchen is a place with a lot of oil and moist, so many people will choose to paste tiles in the kitchen, which is easy to clean and not get dirty easily. But in fact, there are certain problems with ceramic tiles. Most ceramic tiles are non-slip, and they are more slippery when exposed to water. Therefore, today I will introduce a King UP SPC vinyl flooring that fire-proof, moisture-proof and anti-skidding. It’s a floor specially designed for the kitchen!

The demand of the kitchen flooring differs from the other functional areas such as the living room. The kitchen is a place with more water, more oil, and dirtier. Therefore, many families choose to paste tiles. However,  it looks extremely cold in winter or cold seasons .Although wooden floors are more comfortable, but they are more difficult to clean and unsafe. SPC floors can solve these problems, which can meet the needs of kitchen floors of waterproof, non-slip, antifouling and wear-resistant, and it also warm and comfortable.

SPC Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen

Waterproof & Moistureproof

The essential component of SPC flooring is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder , naturally water resistance ,the waterproof performance of SPC floor is basically equivalent to laying a waterproof material on the ground , which can block the moisture of the bottom layer and can also prevent the water from seeping down . choosing SPC floor , you needn’t to worry about the floor of your home being swollen by soaking water any more ,or deformed because of temperature changes , or mildew due to high humidity .It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are easy to decay, swell and deform after absorbing water and being affected in humid and watery environment .

SPC Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen

Super anti-slip performance

The SPC flooring wear-resistant layer has special anti-slip performance. Its unique craft and anti-skid design make the floor “more astringent”, the friction of floors will become larger when wet , so you no longer have to worry about slipping and wrestling. Therefore, the SPC floor can not only be used for interior decoration of living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms , etc., but also in public places with high safety requirements ,it is the preferred floor decoration material for airports, hospitals, kindergartens, shopping malls ,and schools.

High fire resistance & Flame retardant

The SPC flooring naturally flame retardant , and its fire rating can reaches B1 level. It is difficult to catch fire when exposed to fire or high temperatures, if it burns and not easy to spread quickly ,and when the fire source is removed ,it will stops immediately, and the smoke generated during passive combustion will never harmful to the human body or produce toxic and dangerous gases ,this also one of the important reasons for choosing SPC flooring in many public places now .

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