SPC Flooring Applicable Scene

With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s living tastes are getting higher and higher, which has led to the development of the decoration industry. SPC vinyl flooring is a new flooring product that has appeared in recent years. Vinyl plank loved by people because of its unique advantages and quickly swept the world. Its application fields are very extensive, today, King up manufacture will introduce the applicable scene of SPC vinyl flooring .

SPC Flooring is also called Stone Plastic Flooring Tile. It is a high-quality, high-tech R&D of new flooring decoration materials. Adopting natural marble powder to consist the solid base layer with high-density and high-fiber mesh structure, the surface is covered with wear-resistant high-molecular PVC wear layer, processed through several of procedures. The texture of the product is realistic and beautiful, wear resistant, and the surface is bright and not slippery. It is a model of new high-tech materials in the 21st century!

SPC Flooring Applicable Scene

Now more and more people are choosing SPC vinyl flooring when decorating , because it is easy to clean. When we go to hospitals, schools, supermarkets, stadiums, shopping malls, offices, factory ,train stations, bus stations, etc., we can see SPC vinyl Flooring. So today the vinyl flooring getting more and more popular. It has become an indispensable item for people .

Education System

Vinyl flooring has a wide range of applications. Because it is formaldehyde-free, heavy metal-free, absolutely green, safe and pollution-free, so it can be used in places such as schools, training centers, and kindergartens that high flooring safety required.

SPC flooring is a kind of product with eco-friendly materials ,which uses calcium powder as the main raw material , extrudes PVC base by extruder combined with t-mold , through one-time heating , laminating and embossing PVC wear resistance layer ,PVC printing layer and PVC base respectively by the three roll or four roll calender ,the process is simple and the lamination is completed by heating , and no glue used during the production process, so it does not contain heavy metals, phthalates , methanol and other harmful substances . It is really a formaldehyde-free eco-friendly flooring.

SPC Flooring Applicable Scene

Medical System

SPC flooring has certain anti-bacterial properties, some flooring have been added with anti-bacterial agents during the production process and surface has been treated with special anti-bacterial and anti-stain , which can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria and will not mildewy because of excessive humidity. Therefore, it can be used in laboratories, hospitals , sanatorium and other environments with high requirements for sterilization.

Public System

Such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, airports, railway stations, bus stations, docks and other public places where with a large number of people will cause damage to the floor, so need to choose more wear-resistant floor products.

SPC flooring has a transparent wear layer on its surface, so it has super wear resistance, impact resistance and not easy to deform . the test friction revolution of high-quality general laminate flooring about 6,000, while the SPC floor wear according to its thickness of wear layer from 10 -50 years. Therefore, it can be used in gym ,malls ,airports and etc..

SPC Flooring Applicable Scene

Household System

SPC vinyl flooring with the features of fireproof , waterproof and moistureproof and there are many patterns and grains for people choosing , such as wood grain, marble grain, carpet grain , hand-scraped grain , etc., therefore ,it also can used in living room, bedroom , kitchen and bathroom.

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