Is SPC Flooring Worth Purchase?

SPC Vinyl flooring is a particularly hot floor decoration material on the market. It can be seen in hospitals, schools and other public places or family homes. Is it the people follow the trend blindly or the product performance is excellent? Today we will talk about whether SPC vinyl flooring is worth buying!

Is SPC Flooring Worth Purchase?

First, let’s learn about the performance of SPC flooring.

1. Green and eco-friendly: The main raw material of SPC flooring is polyvinyl chloride, which is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and renewable resource. It has been widely used in people’s daily life, such as tableware, medical infusion tube bags, etc., Qualified SPC flooring all passed IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green environmental certification.

2. Super abrasion resistance: The surface of the SPC flooring has a transparent wear layer, and its abrasion resistance can reach 8000 revolutions, it can be used for 10-20 years under normal conditions. Therefore, SPC flooring is more and more popular in public places.

3. High elasticity and super impact resistance: The texture of SPC flooring is soft and elastic, it has good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects, and the foot feeling is comfortable. It is called “floor soft gold”. At the same time, the SPC flooring has strong impact resistance, the excellent SPC flooring can minimize the damage of the ground to the human body, and also can disperse the impact of the floor on the feet.

4. Super anti-slip: The wear layer of SPC flooring has special anti-slip property, and the foot feeling will rougher when wet, so it is not easy to fall. Therefore, in places with high safety requirements, such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc., SPC flooring is the preferred floor decoration material.

5. Fireproof and flam-retardant: SPC flooring fire rating can reach B1. It is flame retardant and not self-ignite. It will extinguish automatically within five seconds after leaving the flame, and it will not produce asphyxiating poisonous and harmful gas.

6. Waterproof and moisture-proof: vinyl resin, the raw material of SPC flooring, has no affinity with water, not to mention mildew due to high humidity.

7. Sound absorption and noise reduction: SPC flooring sound absorption effect can reach 20 decibels, some places need quiet environment such as hospital ward, school library, lecture hall, movie theater is suitable to purchase SPC flooring.

8. Antibacterial and mildew resistance: The flooring surface is treated with antibacterial and antifouling, which can inhibit most bacteria. The choice of home improvement materials is very important, choosing a good home improvement material can bring family comfort and convenience, avoid the invasion of bacteria and harmful gases, and improve the life health index.

Is SPC Flooring Worth Purchase?

9. Seamless splicing: SPC flooring is strictly constructed and installed, and almost no joints can be seen from a distance. The seamless connection technology maximizes the overall visual effect of the ground.

10. Simple and convenient installation: KINGUP SPC flooring has locks on four sides, glue-free installation, no cement required, so it is more environmentally friendly, and the cost of paving is much cheaper. When install it, just put the locks fit each other to form a bite. The overall effect of the paved ground is flat and beautiful.

11. Variety of patterns: There are many patterns of SPC flooring, such as three-dimensional wood grain, carpet grain, stone grain, etc. and the patterns are realistic and beautiful, and even can achieve personalized customization.

12. Thermal conductivity and thermal insulation: SPC flooring has high quality, stable material physical properties, good thermal conductivity, uniform heat dissipation, and will not swell and deform when used in home underfloor heating. SPC flooring is the first choice for underfloor heating in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions.

13. Convenient maintenance: The maintenance of SPC flooring is easy, it can be wiped clear with a mop. If you want to maintain the long-lasting luster of the floor, you only need to wax it regularly for maintenance, and the maintenance frequency is much lower than other floors.

The only disadvantage is its transportation cost. Because of its high density, so the transportation cost is relatively high, but it is much lighter than ceramic tiles, and its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. Therefore, this kind of floor materials are still very worth buying!

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