How to Purchase High Quality SPC Flooring

SPC vinyl flooring is a new type of floor material that has emerged in recent years. When we purchase, how can we prevent being cheated and purchase high-quality vinyl flooring? Today, let’s talk about how to purchase and select the SPC flooring!

How to Purchase High Quality SPC Flooring

How to identify high quality vinyl flooring

◆Smell, sniffing with your nose to check whether the floor has peculiar smell. SPC flooring with qualified quality has no smell.

◆Look at the color ,SPC base material is made of PVC resin, and the color of high-quality pure material is beige; the color of mixed material is mostly gray, cyan and white; the color of recycled material is gray- black or black.

◆You can scratch the floor with a dirty sole, after the floor is left with dirty traces, and then wiped with a clean cloth , if it can’t be cleaned or cleaned thoroughly, it means that the floor has poor stain resistance.

◆ You can scratch the floor surface with fingertips or other sharp utensils to test the wear resistance of the SPC flooring, if there are obvious line scratches, it means that the wear resistance of the floor is poor.

◆You can drop alcohol, engine oil and a small amount of hydrochloric acid on the floor surface to test the acid and alkaline resistance of the SPC flooring, and observe whether there is obvious aging phenomenon on the floor surface after one day. If there is aging phenomenon, it means that the acid and alkaline resistance of the vinyl flooring is poor.

How to Purchase High Quality SPC Flooring

◆Test the antibacterial property of SPC flooring , put the items that are easy to mildew, such as bread, on the floor surface, and place the floor in the place of the back shade, observe whether there is mould growth on the surface of the floor after two days. If there’s mold on floor, it means that the floor is not antibacterial or the antibacterial is very poor.

◆The quality of SPC flooring can also be judged by the quality inspection certificate and other honorary certificates such as “National inspection-free products”, “ISO9001 Quality System Certification”, “ISO14001 Environmental System Certification”.

How to Purchase High Quality SPC Flooring

Precautions for purchasing floor

★When purchasing flooring, we should buy it in legal company and its subordinate stores, shopping malls, exhibition halls and building materials supermarkets. The legal company has guarantee in service, and ask the other party to issue a formal invoice when purchasing.

★In case of purchasing imported products, the supplier shall provide the latest customs declaration form to ensure that the products are imported purely, and the imported products shall provide the quality inspection report of relevant authorities to ensure the product quality.

★When purchasing products, you can shop around and choose the products with high cost performance, it means that compare the price under the same quality, and compare the quality performance under the same price.

★You can choose the design and colors of SPC flooring according to personal hobbies and living environment (such as light). Generally speaking, if the lighting condition is poor you can choose light color.

Have you learned these methods? I hope it can help you choose the right flooring!

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