Fireproof Performance of SPC Flooring

I have introduced that SPC flooring has strong fireproof performance before, and its fire rating can reach B1, so what does B1 mean? And how safe is it? Let’s have a look!

Fireproof Performance of SPC Flooring

The fire-retardant performance of building materials is the primary index to measure the safety of life and property. As one of the building materials, flooring is no exception. According to the Chinese national standard GB8624-97, the combustion performance of building materials can be divided into the following grades:

♦A: incombustible building materials, materials that hardly burn.

♦B1: flame retardant building materials, it has better flame- retardant effect. It is difficult to burn in open fire or high temperature and it is not easy to spread quickly, and it will stop burning immediately when the fire source is removed.

♦B2: Combustible building materials, these materials have certain fire-retardant effect. If there’s an open fire in the air or under high temperature, it will burn immediately, and easy to cause the fire spread. Such as wooden columns, wooden roof frames, wooden beams, wooden stairs, etc.

♦B3: flammable building materials, without any fire-retardant effect, it is very easy to burn, with great fire risk.

Fireproof Performance of SPC Flooring

And SPC flooring is mainly made of calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride resin, which has natural flame retardancy. It is difficult to burn in the air or under high temperature, and it is not easy to spread quickly. When the fire source is removed, it will stop burning immediately, which has a better flame retardancy. Moreover , the smoke generated when being ignition will not harm the human body, and will not produce asphyxiating toxic and harmful gases. It can be confirmed by a test: burn it with cigarette or lighter, then wipe the floor with wet rag, and it will become clean immediately, without any trace, its fireproof performance is praiseworthy, it is one of the reasons why many public places choose SPC flooring.

Fireproof Performance of SPC Flooring

According to the above classification standards, we can see that the fire rating of ceramic tile floor is “A”, the wood flooring is “B2”, and carpet is “B3”. Although the fire resistance of SPC flooring is not as good as that of ceramic tile, it is far higher than that of wood flooring and carpet. Therefore, its safety performance is high, it can be used in kitchen, restaurant and other public places.

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